How we work

Attending meetings

Anyone may attend meetings providing they reserve a place.


Membership only relates to the management of the club.  The members form the committee, arrange meetings, and make decisions about the constitution and how the club is run.  Members also help fund the club through an annual subscription.  We currently have a limit of 90 active members.

To become a member you must be proposed and seconded by existing members, be active in the mycobacterial research field in the UK, and have presented at least one talk at a meeting.  Meetings of members are held during the refreshment breaks in the middle of Summer/Winter meetings.

Presenting work

Meetings consist mainly of 20 minute talks.  Anyone may submit a talk, but non-members must have support of a member.  Titles are submitted to the Secretary, and the committee decides which talks to accept.

The Committee

The organizing committee are elected by members, and are responsible for the planning of meetings, and raising other issues at members meetings (which are held during the tea breaks in the meetings)