AFC Winter 2014 meeting

AFC Winter 2014

Held at Birkbeck College, London

January 10th 2014

Scientific Programme

Session 1

NSAIDs to tackle drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Arundhati Maitra, Dimitrios Evangelopoulos, Parisa Nakhostin Mortazavi, Aleksei Kovalev, Juan David Guzman, Timothy D. McHugh and Sanjib Bhakta. Mycobacteria Research Laboratory, Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology, Department of Biological Sciences, Birkbeck College

Structure and Function of the mycobacterial ACG protein family
Nicholas H. Keep, Francois Xavier-Chauviac, Doris Quay, James Torpey, Martin Bommer, Ambrose Cole. Institute for Structural and Molecular Biology, Crystallography, Dept of Biological Sciences, Birkbeck College

Innate and antigen-specific cytotoxic cells and paradoxical HIV-1-associated tuberculosis immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (TB-IRIS)
Katalin A Wilkinson, Naomi F Walker, Graeme Meintjes, Keira H Skolimowska, Kerryn Matthews, Rebecca Tadokera, Ronnett Seldon, Gary Maartens, Mark P Nicol, Molebogeng X Rangaka, Gurdyal S. Besra, Robert J Wilkinson. Clinical Infectious Diseases Research Initiative, Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine, and MRC National Institute for Medical Research, London

High dose rifampicin therapy for a shorter treatment period
Yanmin Hu, Mitchison DA, Jindani A, Liu Y, Coates ARM. Medical Microbiology, Centre for Infection and immunity, Division of Clinical Sciences, St George’s, University of London

Getting to know Mycobacterium tuberculosis through metabolomics
Gérald Larrouy-Maumus, and Luiz Pedro Sório de Carvalho. Division of Mycobacterial Research, MRC National Institute for Medical Research, London

Session 2

Counting mycobacteria: how many beans make five?
Han Xiao, Katarina Oravcova, Wilber Sabiiti, Eoghan Farmer, Stephen Gillespie. School of Medicine, University of St.Andrews

The pathological role of neutrophil necrosis in tuberculosis
David M Lowe, Nonzwakazi Bangani, Katalin A Wilkinson, Robert J Wilkinson, Adrian R Martineau. Department of Medicine, Imperial College London, and Clinical Infectious Diseases Research Initiative, Institute for Infectious Diseases and Molecular Medicine, University of Cape Town, Observatory 7925, Cape Town, South Africa

Role of lymph node-derived lymphatic endothelial cells in mycobacterial Infection
Maximiliano G. Gutierrez. National Institute of Medical Research, Mill Hill, London

Recovery of TB genomes from metagenomes
Jacqueline Chan, Martin Sergeant, Andrew Millard, Elizabeth Wellington, Helen Donoghue and Mark Pallen. Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick

Bioelectrospray-based cell encapsulation for in vitro modelling of Mycobacterium tuberculosis induced granuloma formation
Liku B Tezera, Magda K Bielecka, Victoria Workman, Patience T Brace, Brian D Robertson, Suwan N Jayasinghe, Paul T Elkington. Clinical and Experimental Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton

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