AFC Summer 2010 meeting

AFC Summer 2010

Held at the Veterinary Laboratories Agency, Weybridge

July 2nd 2010

Scientific Programme

Session 1

Mycobacterium bovis Mini-symposium
Glyn Hewinson (VLA).

Bovine Tuberculosis (bTB) is the most important animal health problem facing the country today. This mini symposium will outline the scientific advances made in understanding the spread of bTB and in developing new tools for its control. A question and answer session will allow members to discuss the current scientific evidence base and what can be concluded from it.

Session 2

Mycobacterium bovis-BCG vaccination induces specific transcriptome biosignatures in mice predicting vaccination success
Elihu Aranday-Cortes, Daryan Kaveh, Javier Nunez-Garcia, Philip J Hogarth, H. Martin Vordermeier Veterinary Laboratories Agency

Towards replicating the transcriptome of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in sputum by exposure to different in vitro conditions
Su-Min Lee, Natalie Garton and Mike Barer. University of Leicester

Mycobacterium tuberculosis RD1 is a requisite for virulence-associated cellular recruitment
Suzie Hingley-Wilson and Ajit Lalvani. Wright Fleming Institute of Infection & Immunity, Imperial College London

Session 3

Mycobacterium tuberculosis SigG does not control expression of DNA repair genes in response to DNA damage
Katherine L. Smollett, Lisa F. Dawson and Elaine O. Davis. MRC National Institute for Medical Research, London

Matrix metalloproteinase-1 causes tissue destruction in tuberculosis
Paul Elkington, Takayuki Shiomi, Ronan Breen, Robert K Nuttall, Cesar Augusto Ugarte-Gil, Naomi Walker, Luísa Saraiva, Bernadette Pedersen, Francesco Mauri, Marc Lipman, Dylan R Edwards, Brian D Robertson, Jeanine D’Armiento, & Jon S Friedland. Department of Infectious Diseases and Immunity, Imperial College London

Rapid and efficient construction of mycobacterial mutagenesis vectors using ligation-independent cloning
Ricardo J. C. Balhana, Neil G. Stoker, Sharon L. Kendall. The Royal Veterinary College, London.

Enumeration of polyfunctional antigen-specific T cells by fluorescence-linked-immunospot identifies immune signatures that correlate with distinct stages of tuberculosis infection
Rosalyn Casey, Deena Blumenkrantz, Kerry Millington, Damien Montamat-Sicotte, Onn Min Kon, Melissa Wickremasinghe, Samuel Bremang, Murphy Magtoto, Saranya Sridhar, David Connell & Ajit Lalvani. National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London

New tuberculosis drugs targeted to the essential kinase, PknB
Kathryn E. A. Lougheed, Simon Osborne, Tim Chapman, Barbara Saxty, David Whalley, Tim Nott, Steve Smerdon, Dony Patel, Jasveen Chugh, Catherine Kettleborough, Justin Bryans, Debbie Taylor, Roger S. Buxton. MRC National Institute for Medical Research Mill Hill, London.

Expression and localisation of MPM70 during infection: evidence for a post-phagosomal role in pathogenesis
Alistair F. Ray, Kornelis R. Straatman, Lorna C. Waters, Phillip S. Renshaw, Kirsty L. Lightbody and Mark D. Carr. University of Leicester