AFC Winter 2004 meeting

AFC Winter 2004

January 2004

Scientific Programme

Session 1

Stationary phase gene expression of Mycobacterium tuberculosis following a progressive nutrient depletion: a model for persistent organisms?
Tobias Hampshire, Shamit Soneji, Joanna Bacon, Brian W James, Jason Hinds, Philip D Marsh and Philip D Butcher

Mycobacterium bovis and the Atkins diet
Lisa Keating, Paul R Wheeler, Huma Mansoor, Jackie Inwald, R Glyn Hewinson and Stephen V Gordon

The effect of treatment of latent tuberculosis infection on the frequency of M. tuberculosis specific IFN-γ producing cells
Wilkinson, KA, Kon, OM Davidson, RN, Pasvol, G., Wilkinson, R.J

How do the Rpf proteins stimulate bacterial growth?
G Mukamolova, A Ravagnani, C Finan, R Shleeva, D I Young, O A Turapov, A S Kaprelyants & M Young

Gene expression patterns in blood discriminate individuals with active, cured, recurrent or latent tuberculosis
R Mistry, CL Clayton, J Cliff, N Beyers, Y Mohamed, PA Wilson, DM Wallace, P van Helden, K Duncan and PT Lukey

Treatment of tuberculosis: time for a new paradigm?
Stephen Gillespie

Session 2

The modulation of bovine T-cell responses by glycans of the Mycobacterium bovis antigen MPB83
AO Whelan, RG Hewinson and HM Vordermeier

Whole genome analysis of a mutant M. tuberculosis informs rational antigen discovery: Rv0251c (Acr 2) is a major target of the early human T cell response
Stewart GR, Wilkinson KA, Horner K, Newton, SM, Wain, JR, Murphy H, Dickson SJ, Young DB, Wilkinson RJ

The signal transducing activity of the M. tuberculosis chaperonin 60.1 protein is associated with the equatorial domain
Peter Tormay, Sajeda Meghji, Jon Mesher, Brian Henderson and Anthony R. M. Coates

Fructose bisphosphatase in the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex – the missing link in central metabolism
Farah Movahedzadeh, Stuart Rison, Neil Stoker and Paul Wheeler