AFC Summer 2005 meeting

AFC Summer 2005

Held at the University of Birmingham Medical school

July 15th 2005

Scientific Programme

Session 1

mycoDB: an online resource for mycobacterial genomics
Roy Chaudhuri, Birmingham University

Intranasal IFN-gamma extends the period of passive protection by IgA anti-acr mAB in Mycobacterium tuberculosis aerosol infected BALB/c mice
Rajko Reljic, Ann Williams, Simon Clark, Stephan Challacombe, Philip Marsh, & Juraj Ivanyi, Guys Hospital Campus, Kings College London

VNTR/MIRU typing of M. tuberculosis: a useful tool in TB control?
Krishna K Gopaul, Timothy J Brown, Andrea L Gibson, Malcolm D Yates & Francis A Drobniewski, HPA, Mycobacterium Reference Unit, London

A prospective study of paradoxical reactions in tuberculosis patients
RAM Breen, F Perrin, JP Dilworth, I Cropley, MA Johnson & MCI Lipman. Depts of Thoracic & HIV Medicine, Royal Free Hospital, London

The α-crystallin-like acr gene is responsible for hypervirulence in an Mycobacterium tuberculosis ΔdosR mutant
Yanmin Hu , Farahnaz Movahedzadeh , Neil G. Stoker & Anthony R. M. Coates. Dept Medical Microbiology, St George’s University of London and the Royal Veterinary College

Session 2

Development of a Detection System to Identify TB-specific CD8 T-cell Responses Induced by Vaccination with BCG and Boosted with a Recombinant Viral Vector
Kathryn T Whelan, Clare R Sander, Ansar A Pathan, Helen A Fletcher, Tamara K Berthoud, Adrian VS Hill & Helen McShane, University of Oxford

Rapid identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTC) and non-tuberculosis (NTB) in a routine diagnostic laboratory
Kerry J. Williams, Clare Ling, Claire Jenkins, Stephen H Gillespie & Timothy D. McHugh. Centre for Medical Microbiology, Hampstead Campus, UCL

How does anti-TNF-α treatment in patients with autoimmune disease lead to increased susceptibility to tuberculosis?
Newton S.M., Mackie S., Martineau A.R., Wilkinson K.A, Fischer C., Dhutta S., Kampmann B., Levin M., Wilkinson R.J. & Pasvol G. Wellcome Centre for Clinical Tropical Medicine, Imperial College

Detection of bovine tuberculosis in spill-over hosts
Jahans KL, Worth D, Brown J & Monies RJ. Veterinary Laboratories Agency, Addlestone, Surrey