AFC Summer 2004 meeting

AFC Summer 2004

July 2004

Scientific Programme

Session 1

Methionine- the preferred sulphur source for pathogenic mycobacteria? Refining the genomic information with metabolic investigations
Paul R Wheeler, Nicholas G Coldham, Lisa Keating, Stephen V Gordon, Esen E Wooff, Tanya Parish and R Glyn Hewinson. VLA

Effect of prednisolone treatment on cytokine expression in leprosy patients with type 1 reaction (T1R)
Anna K Andersson, Mehervani Chaduvula, Sara Atkinson, Saroj Khanolkar-Young, Martin Holland, Suman Jain, Lavanya Suneetha, Sujai Suneetha and Diana N J Lockwood. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Characteristic genomic deletion pattern in clinical isolates of M. tuberculosis from South Asian patients
M. Carmen Menendez, Rahizan Issa, Roger S. Buxton, Evangelos Stavropoulos, Peter M. Hawkey and M. Joseph Colston

The role of oxidative stress in Mycobacterium tuberculosis evolution
O’ Sullivan D, McHugh TD, Gillespie SH. Royal Free & University College London Medical School

IFN gamma responses in young adults from the UK BCG programme: The first SSI BCG vaccinated cohort
Patricia Gorak-Stolinska, Rosemary E. Weir, Maeve Lalor, Rose Blitz, Nisha Faruk, Paul E.M. Fine, Hazel M. Dockrell. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

DGAT, FATP and FACS, does the TAG team do it for M tuberculosis in vivo?
Natalie Garton, University of Leicester

Session 2

An investigation of the phenotype of an outbreak strain of M. tuberculosis.
SM Newton, KA Wilkinson, RJ Smith, GR Stewart, JR Wain, RA Stabler, P Butcher, J Shafi, P Andrew, M Barer, RJ Wilkinson Imperial College London

Involvement of a specific phospholipase D isoform in the ATP-mediated killing of intracellular mycobacteria
Lorna Forse, Cheuk Li and Tony Lammas. University of Birmingham

IL-4 delta 2 and Th2 cytokines in human Pulmonary Tuberculosis
K Dheda, JF Huggett, MA Johnson, A Zumla and G Rook. UCL and Royal Free Medical School

Population genetics of Mycobacterium bovis field strains from cattle in Iran
Tadayon, Keyvan, Forbes, Ken. University of Aberdeen

Did mutational ablation of a CRP-like global regulator contribute to the attenuation of BCG? Claire Spreadbury and Mark Pallen