AFC Summer 2003 meeting

AFC Summer 2003

Held at Leicester University

July 2003

Scientific Programme

Special symposium – The Leicester Crown Hills School TB Outbreak
A public health perspective
Philip Monk. East Midlands, Health Protection team

A clinical perspective
Wren Hoskins. Consultant Paediatrician

Immune responses to the outbreak strain
Ajit Lalvani. Oxford University

Applied genomics of the outbreak strain
Mike Barer. Leicester University

Session 1 – Dedicated to the memory of Jo Colston
Functional activation of dendritic cells in response to Mycobacterial infection
E. Roy, M. Yang, J. Downey, J.C. Ferraz, S. Coade, B. stockinger, M. J. Colston and R. E. Tascon

The Influence of reduced oxygen availability on virulence and gene expression in M.

Joanna Bacon, Brian W. James, Kim A. Morley, Lorenz Wernisch, Ann Williams, Graham J. Hatch, Kristian Birchall, Joseph A. Mangan, Jason Hinds, Philip D. Butcher and Philip D. Marsh

A revised role for NusA in rrn anti-termination
K. Arnvig, S. Cochrane, B. Gopal, S. Pennell and M.J. Colston

Could we ever take M. tuberculosis out of the Cat3 laboratory?
Farah Movahedzadeh and Neil Stoker

The role of DNA repair genes in Mycobacterium tuberculosis pathogenesis
Lucinda Rand and Elaine Davis

Session 2
The Phase I Evaluation of a Candidate TB Vaccine, MVA85
Helen McShane, Ansar Pathan, Adrian Hill

Shedding light on the ephemeral activity of resuscitation promoting factor: use of
bioluminescence to measure activity
Angharad Davies, Brian Henderson, John Ward, Mike Young & Stephen Gillespie

Immune profiling of leprosy and tuberculosis patients to 15-mer peptides of M. leprae
and M. tuberculosis GroES in a BCG vaccinated area: Implications for development of
vaccine and diagnostic reagents
R. Hussain, F. Shahid, S. Zafar, M. Dhojki, H. M. Dockrell

Functional Genomics of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex proteins linked to
tuberculosis pathogenesis and protective immunity
Philip S Renshaw, Marieke J Bloemink, Ellen Denten, Kirsten Lightbody, Stephen V Gordon, R Glyn Hewinson, Geoff Kelly, Thomas A Frenkiel, Richard A Williamson and Mark D Carr

Session 3
Sensor Sensibility: the input domains of Mycobacterial 2-component system sensor
Stuart Rison and Neil Stoker

Selective susceptibility to disseminated mycobacterial infections caused by auto
antibodies to gamma interferon

Doffinger R, Helbert M, Longhurst H,Barcenas-Morales G, Barnes N, Kumararatne D

Description of a new M. tuberculosis lineage, Kilimanjaro 1: defining the boundaries.
Rob Shorten, Tim McHugh, Sarah Batt, Roly Gosling, Esther Kanduma & Stephen

Early mycobacterial infection of mouse lung dendritic cells in vivo
Rajko Reljic, Caterina Di Sano, Carol Crawford, Francesco Dieli, Stephen Challacombe1 and Juraj

Cytochrome P450 systems in M. tuberculosis – novel targets for azole-based drugs.
Andrew Munro

Signature gene expression profiles discriminate between isoniazid, thiolactomycin and
triclosan treated Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Joanna C. Betts, Alistair McLaren, Mark G. Lennon, Fiona M. Kelly, Pauline T. Lukey, Steve J. Blakemore and Ken Duncan