AFC Winter 2000 meeting

AFC Winter 2000

January 7th 2000

Scientific Programme

Session 1

Shedding light on immunity to mycobacteria
VA Snewin, DJ Turner, M-P Gares and DB Young

Rapid detection of M. tuberculosis infection by enumeration of antigen specific T cells.
Ajit Lalvani, Ansar A Pathan, Helen McShane, Robert J Wilkinson, Mohammed Latif,
Christopher P Conlon, Geoffrey Pasvol & Adrian VS Hill

Generation of mycobacterial mutants using plasmid incompatibility
C. Pashley, RA McAdam, K Duncan, T Parish, NG Stoker

Do chemokines differ in skin lesions across the leprosy spectrum?
AA Kirkaldy, S Khanolkhar-Young, S Suneetha & D Lockwood

The Biology of Anti-tuberculosis Drug Resistance
Stephen H Gillespie , Owen Billington, Timothy D McHugh

Session 2

Plasmid Transfer from Streptomyces to Mycobacteria smegmatis
Apoorva Bhatt and Tobias Kieser

Differential Trafficking of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis 19 kDa antigen and access to the MHC Class I processing Pathway
Olivier Neyrolles, Marie-Pierre Gares, Keith Gould, Sara Brett, Peadar O’Gaora, Marie-Christine Prevost, Emmanuelle Perret, Riny Janssen, Jelle Thole & Douglas Young

Pre-BCG Immune Responses to Mycobacterial Antigens in a Malawian Population
Gill Black

Demonstration of adherence of mycobacteria to a human respiratory tissue organ culture by electron microscopy
AM Middleton, MV Chadwick, AJ Nicholson, A Dewar, R Wilson

The study of environmentally regulated genes in mycobacteria species using bioluminescence
Jamila Shafi, Peter Andrew, Kenneth Duncan & Ruth McAdam

Examination of clinical and archaeological material using PCR primers that can detect low levels of Mycobacterium leprae DNA
Helen D Donoghue, John M Holton and Mark Spigelman