AFC Summer 2000 meeting

AFC Summer 2000

Held at The John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

July 9th 2000

Scientific Programme

Session 1

A mechanism for CD8+ T cell mediated suppression of intracellular mycobacterial growth
R Brookes, H McShane, N Goonetilleke, A Lalvani, AA Psthan, DA Price, GM Griffiths & A Hill.  Oxford University

OmpATb – a pore-forming protein of M. tuberculosis and how it may be regulated
R Speight & P Draper. NIMR

An increase in expression of a M. tuberculosis mycolyl transferase gene (fbpB) occurs early after infection of human monocytes
RJ Wilkinson123, LE DesJardin2, BM Gibson2, KA Wilkinson1, D Poleman1, RA Kanost1, KD Eisenach2, Z Toossi21Division of Infectious Diseases, Case Western Reseve University, Cleveland, Medical Research Service. 2JL McClellan Memorial Veterans’ Administration Hospital, Little Rock. 3Wellcome Centre for Clinical Tropical Medicine, Imperial College of Medicine, Northwick Park Hospital

Genetic Transformation of Mycobacterium paratuberculosis
S Thorne & JJ McFadden.  University of Surrey

Role of heat shock proteins in inflammation: M. tuberculosis chaperonin 60.1 (hsp60) is a more potent cytokine-stimulator than chaperonin 60.2 (hsp65) and contains a cryptic CD14-binding domain
JC Lewthwaite, ARM Coates, S Kahn, M Singh, P Mascagni, S Poole, M Roberts & B Henderson.  Eastman Dental Institute and St George’s Hospital Medical School

The use of recombinant viruses as tuberculosis vaccines
N Goonetilleke, R Anderson, H McShane, S Gilbert, R Brookes & A Hill.  Oxford University

Session 2

Crystal Structure of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Chaperonin 10
M Roberts, AR Coker, ARM Coates and SP Wood.  St George’s Hospital Medical School and Southampton University

Growth control and dormancy in Mycobacterium smegmatis
R Wright, J Dickinson, S Thorne, M Bushell & JJ McFadden.  University of Surrey

Protection against tuberculosis in a prime-boost regime is mediated by one CD4+ and one CD8+ T cell epitope
H McShane, S Behboudi, N Goonetilleke, S Gilbert, R Brookes & A Hill.  Oxford University

Comparative studies of defined skin test antigens in M. bovis infected guinea pigs and cattle
AO Whelan, HM Vordermeier & RG Hewinson.  VLA Weybridge

Stressed up, Messed up: De-regulation of HSP70 response in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
G Stewart, V Snewin, P Tormay, P O’Goara, M Goyal, I Brown & DB Young.  Imperial College of Medicine at St Mary’s Hospital