AFC Winter 1998 meeting

AFC Winter 1998

Held at the National Institute for Medical Research, London

January 8th 1998

Scientific Programme

Session 1

Interactions between mycobacteria and macrophages: changes in expression of genes in oxidative metabolism and apoptosis
Ragno S, Jenner P and Colston MJ. The National Institute of Medical Research, London

Mycobacterial mutants defective in oxygen-limited stationary phase survival
Keer JT and Williams HD. Imperial College, London

Dormancy and Social resuscitation- the identification of a molecular wake-up call
Kell DB, Mukamolova G, Kaprelyants A , Danielle Young and Mike Young. University of Aberystwyth

The strengths and weaknesses of 16S rRNA sequencing in mycobacterial systematics
Goodfellow M, Magee JG, Ward AC and Mhen H-S. University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and PHLS Newcastle

Molecular fingerprinting: the Mycobacterium malmoense story, so far
Magee JG, Shojaei H, Freeman R and Goodfellow M. PHLS Newcastle and University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Regulation of mycobacterial promoters
McBride AJA, Eales L-J, Dale JW and McFadden JJ. University of Surrey

Vaccinia expression of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Antigen 85 and ESAT-6 secreted proteins: tissue plasminogen activator signal sequence enhances expression and immunogenicity
Malin AS, Huygen K, Content J, Mackett M, Brandt L, Andersen P and Dockrell HM. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Session 2

Chemokine networks in pulmonary tuberculosis
Friedland J. Imperial College School of Medicine at Hammersmith, London

Investigation of human immunity to tuberculosis: development of a whole blood killing assay
Kampmann B, Ó Goara P, Snewin V, Levin M and Douglas Young, Imperial College School of Medicine at St Mary’s, London

The first clinical study of rifapentine/isoniazid in continuation phase treatment, carried out in Hong Kong
Mitchison DA, Tam CM, Chan SL, Lam CW, Leung CC, Kam KM and Norris JS. St Georges Hospital Medical School, London

Two unusual patients with asthma requiring treatment with steroids, and chronic pulmonary infection with M. xenopi. The clinical and immunological outcomes following immunotherapy
Thapa N, Stanford J. University College London Medical School

Characteristics of protective T cells after DNA vaccination or tuberculosis infection in mice
Lowrie DB. The National Institute of Medical Research, London