AFC Summer 1997 meeting

AFC Summer 1997

Held at the Sanger Centre, Cambridge

July 17th-18th 1997

Scientific Programme

Session 1
The involvement of the Wellcome Trust in bacterial genome sequencing
John Stephenson. Wellcome Trust

Sequencing of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis genome
Bart Barrell. Sanger Centre

Analysis of mycobacterial genomes
Stewart Cole. Institut Pasteur, Paris

Use of whole genome sequence of Haemophilus influenzae to investigate the biology of LPS
Richard Moxon. IMM, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

Session 2

From genomics to targets and vaccines
Ken Duncan. Glaxo Wellcome, Stevenage

Comparative genome sequencing the pstS operon of Mycobacterium intracellulare, M.leprae and M.tuberculosis
Harry Thangaraj. RPMS, Hammersmith, London

A genome-wide search for genes involved in host susceptibility to human tuberculosis
R Bellamy et al. WellcomeTrust for Human Genomics, Oxford ; MRC, Gambia

Glycosyltransferases in mycobacteria: polyprenol-phosphomannose biosynthesis as an entry point
Paul R Wheeler. LSHTM, London

Use of yeast genome information
Johannes Hegemann. Justus-Liebig-Univ., Giessen, Germany

Session 3

Mycobacterial systematics: strengths and weaknesses of 16S rRNA sequencing
John Magee & Mike Goodfellow. PHLS, Newcastle upon Tyne

A porin-like gene of M. tuberculosis
R Senaratne et al. NIMR, London

Proteome analysis of microbial pathogens: applications and challenges
David O’Connor. Southampton University

Workshop 1: Bioinformatics

Lead Speaker: To be arranged

Antibiotic resistance: efflux genes in M. tuberculosis
Marian Blokpoel. Imperial College, London

Identification of MPT53, a novel secreted antigen of M. tuberculosis
Steve Michell. CVL, Weybridge

Finding families for orphan genes
Mark Pallen. Imperial College, London

Identification of potentially glycosylated mycobacterial lipoproteins
R Delahay. Imperial College, London

The WHO synthetic peptide initiative for new leprosy skin test reagents- the use of bioinformatics
To be arranged

Open discussion and short informal presentations

Workshop 2: Gene Function

Lead Speaker: Douglas Young. Imperial College, London

A novel approach to the trapping of activated promoters; promoter self-amplification
G Bachrach. NIMR, London

Upregulation of the M. tuberculosis haemoglobin-like hmp gene mRNA during entry into dormancy
A Coates. St Georges, London

Proteome maps from M. tuberculosis during infection
PD Butcher. St Georges, London

Open discussion and short informal presentations

Plenary session

Report back and discussion Panel
Jo Colston (chair), John Stephenson, Neil Stoker, Jeremy Dale, Douglas Young

Jo Colston