AFC Winter 1997 meeting

AFC Winter 1997

Held at The Royal London Hospital

January 31st 1997

Scientific Programme

Session 1

Clinical problems of tuberculosis control in East London
Bothamley, G. and Cotton, M. Homerton Hospital

The molecular epidemiology of tuberculosis in HIV positive and negative populations in Northern Tanzania
Gillespie, S.M., Ramsay,A.R.C., Uiso, L., Ironogo, C.H, Ipuge, M.H, Dickens, A., Newport, L.E. and McHugh, T.D. Royal Free Hospital, Kibongoto TB Hospital, and TB and Leprosy Control Programme, Tanzania

Stationary phase survival in mycobacteria
Williams, H.D. Imperial College, London

Unusual morphology of mycobacteria cultured under microaerobic and anaerobic conditions
Cunningham, A.F. and Spreadbury, C.L. University of Birmingham

T cell responses to a mixture of M. tuberculosis peptides with complementary HLA-DR binding profiles
Jurzevic, S., Wilkinson, R.J., Hills, A., Pasvol, G, Davidson, R.N. and Ivanyi, J. Hammersmith Hospital, and Northwick Park Hospital

A longitudinal study of in vitro cytotoxic T cell and IFNg responses of tuberculosis patients in The Gambia
Turner, J. and Dockrell, H.M. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Session 2

IS6110 evolution in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Forbes, K. and Fang, Z. Aberdeen University

Transposition of IS6110 in Mycobacterium smegmatis
Ghanekar, K., Wall, S., Dale, J. and McFadden, J.J. University of Surrey

Glucocorticoids and acute pulmonary tuberculosis: a clue to pathogenesis
Baker, R.W., Shaw, R.J., Rook, G.A.W., Zumla, A., Lightman, S., Walker, B. and Honour, J.
St. Mary’s Hospital and Middlesex Hospital, University College London, Bristol University and Edinburgh University

Aspects of recA expression in mycobacteria
Davis, E.O., Movahedzadeh, F., Papavinasundaram, K., Thomas, N., Jenner, P.J., Brooks, P.C. and Colston, M.J. National Institute of Medical Research. London

Studies on phage infection in mycobacteria utilising iron compounds to inactivate the macrophage
McNerney, R., Harley, V., Sidu, A., Stupple, A., Tovey, G., Parish, T. and Stoker, N. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Epidemiological surveillance of tuberculosis in East London and The City
O’Sullivan, J. Homerton Hospital