AFC Summer 1996 meeting

AFC Summer 1996

Held at Glaxo-Wellcome, Stevenage

July 5th 1996

Scientific Programme

Session 1: Mini-symposium – Mycobacterial molecular biology applications: epidemiology and enzyme targets
Guest speakers:

TB in a high-risk community: what can we learn?
Prof. Paul van Helden, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

DNA repair in the mycobacteria
Prof. Valerie Mizrahi SAIMR, Johannesburg, South Africa

Work being done at Stevenage:

High density gridded mycobacterial genomic libraries
S. Martin and K. Hussem

Natural substitution of a key residue in mycobacterial PEP:UDP-N acetylglucosamine transferase
K. Duncan, K Kempsell, D. Kim, W. Lees and C.T. Walsh. Glaxo Wellcome Research & Development and Harvard Medical School

Session 2

Sequential antibody responses to Mycobacterium bovis antigens in badgers
Diane Newell, Chris Cheeseman& Richard Clifton Hadley. CVL and CSL, Weybridge

The implication of PstS genes in mycobacterial pathogenesis
Harry Thangaraj. RPMS, Hammersmith, London

Double double coil and trouble: plasmid replication in mycobacteria
Pelle Stolt. LSHTM, London

Influence of non-MHC genes on immune responses to mycobacterial stress proteins
J. Ivanyi, F. Wahid, S. Carmen & T. Aitman. RPMS, Hammersmith, London

Session 3

Mycobacterial viability and cytology studied with membrane and lipid fluorescence probes
M.R. Barer, R. Cooney, P. Ibrahim, N.J. Garton, H. Christensen & D.E. Minnikin. University of Newcastle

Towards determining the cellular functions of mycobacterial acyl-CoA carboxylase
Anabela Medo Miranda, Elizabeth Norman & Jeremy Dale (University of Surrey)

Nucleic acid vaccination for protection against M. tuberculosis
X. Zhu, N. Venkataprasad, H. Thangaraj & H.M. Vordermeier. RPMS, Hammersmith, LOndon
Differential gene expression of mycobacteria inside macrophages: analysis of mRNA
P.D. Butcher, J.A. Mangan, I.M. Monahan, M.S. Li & D.K Banerjee. St George’s Hospital Medical School, London